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Your College Major Doesn’t Limit You

Choosing a college major is hard. In a matter of months, you are expected to go from asking for permission to go to the bathroom to choosing what you want to do for the rest of your life. No pressure.

Even after picking a major, there is a chance that it does not work out. This happens to a lot of people. Sometimes you have to sit through a college calculus class to realize that is not how you want to spend the next four years of your life.

With spring graduation in less than three months, a bigger question is haunting college students. What if they get a job in their field, and they hate it?

As it turns out, your college major does not have to dictate what you do for the rest of your life, and that’s a huge relief.

Kristin Roberts
Photo // Kristin Roberts

Kristin Roberts works as a PreLaw Learning Community Instructor for Auburn. Before that, she was the Administrator of Outreach Programs for Auburn’s School of Kinesiology.

Before coming to Auburn, Roberts earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from Drake University. Her major was Advertising Management, with minors in Business and Marketing. Unlike many undergraduates, she graduated with the first major she declared.

“I was probably one of the few that did not switch majors,” Roberts says.

Roberts continued her education by attending law school at the University of Missouri’s Kansas City campus.

“My journalism writing skills helped me as an attorney and are useful in my current position,” says Roberts. “I write press releases for various events, as well as articles for the College of Education website. I also use my web design skills from undergrad to create content for the Kinesiology website.”

Alison Hall
Photo // Alison Hall

Alison Hall received her Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Criminal Justice from Auburn. As an undergraduate, Hall earned a degree in Government with a focus on Public Administration and Art History from Sweet Briar College in Virginia.

While attending Auburn, she worked as a graduate research assistant for the Center of Governmental Services on campus and a part-time Auditing Assistant for the city of Auburn’s finance department. Her first job after getting her Master’s degree from Auburn was as the Cultural Arts Director for the City of Auburn Parks and Recreation department.

“I enjoyed creating events,” Hall says, when asked her favorite part of that job. “It was something I never actually studied or realized I liked or wanted to do.”

Hall now works as as Community and Special Programs Director for the Auburn Parks and Recreation department.

“I think it is great for students to try new classes when they first arrive on campus and not immediately pigeon-hole themselves into one direction or field of study,” says Hall. “Getting ‘into the field’ for a semester can truly open your eyes to new interests and can also firmly solidify that you do not want to pursue a certain career or field of study.”

Auburn University also has a Career Center available to help students with choosing a major and career, transitioning from college into a career and provide many other services. You can visit the Career Center in Mary Martin Hall by appointment or as a walk-in. For more information on the Career Center and its services, please visit the website.

This article was originally posted on Auburn Family. You can view it here.

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