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My Final Spring Break Goals

The best part of spring semester is SPRING BREAK, especially when you go to a school where “Fall Break” is only two days. As a senior, this is my last Spring Break, and like everyone else, I want it to be the best. In order to make this happen, we all have #goals (whether you know it or not).

Goal 1: Get there (and back) safely

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Most Spring Break plans involve traveling of some sort. If you’re in a long-distance relationship like me, you probably plan on spending your Spring Break with your significant other. Whether you plan on having your feet in the sand, skiing down a mountain or taking selfies around Europe, you need to get there and back in one piece. I plan on doing that by:

  • Driving safely: This means no texting and driving or snapchatting while driving (even when I want people to know I’m going 0 m.p.h. on the interstate). It also means driving within the speed limit, even in Florida where people drive like there are no rules.
  • Letting people know when I stop: I’ll be driving seven hours by myself, and as a precaution, I always let someone know when I’ve stopped for gas or food or to go to the bathroom.
  • Being aware of my surroundings: Unlike many other people, I’m not going on Spring Break with my friends (because who wants to third wheel with my boyfriend and me, right?) And because of his schedule, I’ll spend a decent amount of time by myself, so just being aware of what’s going on around me will help me stay safe and make it back safely.

Goal 2: Relax


Newsflash: college is stressful, even more so when your graduation is a month and a half away. As a full-time college student who has a job and an internship, I want this Spring Break to be about relaxation.

  • Reading a book or two: I’m torn between rereading George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series or starting a new book (I’m thinking something along the lines of Gone Girl).
  • Catching up on my favorite shows: I’ve missed a lot of TGITs lately.
  • Sleeping in: I don’t get to do this enough during the school year.

Goal 3: Have fun

Sex and the City

Does this goal really need an explanation?

  • Wining and dining: I like to eat, and I like wine.
  • Spending time with my BF: BF means both best friend and boyfriend, and I plan on enjoying every second I can with him.
  • Laying out: Luckily, my boyfriend is in an area where the weather is beautiful, and the beaches are even better. I know too much sun isn’t good for you, but I plan on spending some time by the pool and on the beach this break.

With my goals defined and the strategies to achieve them laid out, I know my last Spring Break won’t be wasted (not that any time with my BF is #awe).

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