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Dear Freshman Me

Dear Freshman Me,

I know you think you have everything figured out and your entire life planned out, but be prepared. Life, and God, have a way of surprising you.

This first semester is going to test you in ways that you cannot even imagine. You had such an easy time in high school, and as great as that was, it left you unprepared for the reality of college. You never learned how to properly study. You never asked questions because you could always find the answer on your own. College is nothing like that.

Go to class and read before going. Ask questions when you’re confused. Go to your teachers’ office hours if anything is unclear. Caring about your grades isn’t uncool. Not doing well because you were too afraid to ask for help is.

You think that you want to be a doctor, an endocrinologist to be specific, but you are WRONG. You like math and tolerate science, but you’ll discover that you LOVE to write. Don’t ignore that. The expectations you think people have for your future are all in your head. YOU control what you do and how you feel about it.

For the most part, you’re going to meet a lot of people and make new friends, but you’ll also lose some. Don’t take it personally. Some relationships aren’t meant to last forever. It doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you. It means you’re growing into the person God plans for you to be.

Don’t try to force yourself to fit in the way you tried to in high school. It will only backfire. Don’t obsess over what other people think. You don’t have to do a certain thing or fit a certain stereotype to be successful in college. Those expectations are also in your head.

Read Hunger Games instead of going to a band party. Sit by yourself in the library. Go to sleep at 8 p.m. You know who you are, so stay true to you. You know what you’re doing. Your parents raised you right.

ZZZSpeaking of them, they are your best friends, along with the rest of your family. You will save yourself a lot of unnecessary emotions if you realize that now. They only want the best for you and will forever be on your side, even when you disagree with them. Don’t forget that.

You cannot control everything, so stop stressing the little things. If something is beyond your control, take a deep breath and let it go. Everything happens for a reason, even if you can’t see it in the moment. “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7, NIV)

Be patient with yourself, and don’t for a second doubt what you have the potential to do. These next five years (yes, five) are going to challenge you, but you will continue to surprise yourself and those around you. Whatever it is, you can do it, and you can excel at it.

You’re about to graduate. You made it, and I’m so proud of you.

With love,
Almost Post-Grad Me

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