3 Reasons People Are Afraid to Start an Online Business

and why they’re BS.

While the idea of starting an online business appeals to most people (hello, working from the beach and making money while watching Netflix), many of those people will convince themselves that they can’t do it.

If you’ve been looking for a sign that you need to start that online business you’ve been dreaming about, consider this it. Here are the most common reasons people think they can’t start one, and why those reasons are complete BS.

Reason #1 to Not Start an Online Business: I like the stability (and income) of my 9-5.

I get it. I crave a schedule and honestly, who doesn’t like stability? It’s comforting to know that your bills will be paid, and building an online business is anything but comfortable.

You don’t have to quit your day job to start an online business. It doesn’t have to be your full-time job if you’re not ready for that. It can be your side hustle, your pet project or your favorite hobby. But it will be yours.

Reason #2: I’m not an expert at anything. I have no useful knowledge or skills.

This is a mental trap of unworthiness that we set for ourselves. We’ve all done it. We convince ourselves that there is nothing we can do for or provide to other people for which they would be willing to pay. It’s a way to justify being complacent in our current situations.

It’s not that you have no useful skills, it’s that you don’t realize how useful they are.  Everyone is good at something. You simply have to discover what that is and find the people who need it.

Reason #3: I hate salespeople. I could never convince anyone to buy my service/product because I wouldn’t like selling.

No one really likes to sell. (Well, I’m sure there are some people who do, but most normal humans do not.) What most people don’t realize is that we sell ourselves every day.

If you have friends, it’s because you’ve sold them on the quality of your friendship. If you’re in a relationship, it’s because you’ve sold your SO on the benefits of being with you. If you have a job, it’s because you sold your employer on your value as an employee.

Your business can be built the same way. You’re not selling people a product or a service. You’re selling them all the quality, benefits and value that they get from that product or service, and there’s nothing sleazy about using your talents to help people who need the help.

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